I have travelled since I was a teenager, exploring the most remote and fascinating cultures I could possibly find – mostly Asia, The Americas, Europe and the Caribbean. I have also been lucky to live and work overseas for a number of years. Most recently was my FIFO time spent in Northern Sumatra Indonesia working for the Government Tourism Body.

This to date has been my most memorable work posting in another country. Simply a beautiful experience – wonderful landscapes and incredible people. A successful mission I am very proud of.

My job was to simply from, from a green patch of pristine virgin volcanic land and introduce Tourism initiatives on and around Lake Toba, 2210 km North of Bali. With a mostly Muslim population, I was cared for to no end and given every possible resource imaginable to consult – connect and facilitate Lake Toba into an emerging tourism destination – targeting Expats from Singapore, Kuala Lumper, Jakarta and beyond.

I was supported by the President of Indonesia by means of BOPDT to make this destination a Tourism icon. As part of ‘Jokowi’s’ election promise, 10 ‘new Bali’s’ are planned, this time with infrastructure and planning.

I have here on this page some pics and videos to give you the gist of what I was up to in Beautiful Lake Toba.